PayPal Credit: Complete guide to PayPal’s virtual credit line

As a small business owner, there are surely times when unexpected expenses creep up and catch you by surprise. You might also have an opportunity to grow the business if you have the available funds to do so. If the best of cases, you might have some savings set aside for such circumstances. In the worst of cases, you may need some form of consumer credit to help you get through the rough spots. That’s why PayPal is happy to provide its credit services. Prior to 2014, PayPal offered qualified customers, both individuals and small businesses, access to a credit line facility the company marketed as its “Bill Me Later” service. In case you have seen recent references and marketing efforts regarding a service they call PayPal Credit, you can trust it’s the same service with a new name. This is not the same thing as a Paypal credit card or Paypal cash card.

About PayPal Credit

Your business can sell more with PayPal and also purchase

If you are familiar with the concept of “line of credit,” PayPal Credit falls under the very same category as a customer credit facility. As such, it is credit that PayPal is willing to extend to qualified customers on an unsecured basis, meaning PayPal requires no collateral. What they do require is each applicant be able to meet the product’s creditworthiness requirements. PayPal Credit is available to qualified customers in connection with their PayPal Wallet. This service acts very much like a credit card in that customers can charge things to their PayPal Wallet without carrying a commensurate balance. Again, this is not the same thing as other PayPal services, including Paypal credit card and Paypal cash card. Each customer is subject to a “credit limit” based upon their approved creditworthiness. Customers have the opportunity to pay their outstanding monthly balances in full, which eliminates interest rate charges. If a customer so chooses, they can make a minimum monthly payment based on PayPal Credit’s “terms and conditions.” By doing so, customers become subject to interest charges of as much as 19.99% APR per annum. PayPal is widely accepted across a full network of merchants, essentially any merchant that is willing to accept PayPal as a form of payment. Consumers need to understand ahead of time that PayPal Credit operates like a credit card, not a debit card where real funds are expended.

Questions and Answers Related to PayPal Credit

If you are interested in setting up PayPal Credit in connection with your PayPal Wallet, we believe it is very important for you to understand that with which you will be dealing. With that in mind, we have listed below 10 common questions that prospective questions consumers like to ask before submitting a PayPal Credit application. We hope you will find this information useful.

1. How Does PayPal Credit Work?

Remember, PayPal Credit is don’t driven with a physical credit card. As a credit facility, it is connected to the customer’s PayPal Wallet. When an approved customer makes a purchase, they can choose to virtually pay for their purchase directly with their PayPal Credit account up to their approved credit limit. This can be facilitated by using their PayPal or credit card login and choosing the PayPal Credit payment option.

2. Is PayPal the Lender of Record?

No. PayPal is not the lender of record. At this time, this particular credit facility falls under the backing of Comenity Capital Bank. Comenity Capital Bank also provides dedicated credit facilities for top U.S. merchants. If customers would like to apply for an actual credit card, PayPal does offer traditional branded credit card payments under the MasterCard banner and PayPal extras MasterCard through Synchrony Bank.

3. What Kind of Credit is Available?

Again, Paypal Credit is an “unsecured” line of credit, meaning PayPal does not require customers to provide any form of collateral, including cash balances with PayPal. While PayPal Credit does not serve as a credit card, it is covered by the protections of the Credit CARD Act.

4. Is PayPal Credit Safe and Secure?

As a customer of PayPal, you are expected to understand the security PayPal offers its customers. With that in mind, PayPal Credit is linked directly to your regular PayPal account, affording you the very same protections you get with your PayPal account.

5. How is the Monthly Billing Distributed to Customers?

There are three ways you can get your monthly PayPal Credit billing for your review and payment method. The easier option is by simply using your PayPal or credit card login to sign in to your PayPal Wallet. You will see all activity and your current balance owed. If you prefer other options, you can set up your PayPal Credit account to provide you with your statement via email or through standard mail. To pay your bill, you can write a standard check or simply deposit money in your PayPal Wallet and authorize a partial or full payment of your PayPal Credit account electronically.

6. Are There Any Fees Associated With PayPal Credit?

PayPal does not charge any annual fee related to PayPal Credit. Customers are charged interest and late fees by Comenity Capital Bank, the lender of record.

7. Is PayPal Credit Ever Tied to Special Promotions or Offers?

On occasion, PayPal will market its PayPal Credit service with a special promotion included. Many times, the applicable promotion will offer customers an opportunity to make purchases or use their line of credit interest-free for a designated number of months.

8. How Does the PayPal Application Process Work?

You can also transfer funds from your local bank account to your PayPal account

The PayPal Credit application process is free, easy, and efficient. All PayPal customers have to do is sign into their PayPal account, look for the “PayPal Credit” icon, and click the button to apply. PayPal will use the customer’s credit score and additional PayPal account information to make an instant determination. If approved, customers will get a minimum credit line of $250.

9. Can Exist PayPal Credit Customers Apply for Higher Credit Limits?

If at anytime a PayPal Credit customer attempts to make a purchase that exceeds their current credit limit, PayPal will immediately and automatically access the customer’s credit score to determine approval for a higher credit limit. If granted, the purchase will go through. Customers can also contact customer service and request an increase in their credit line before making a particular purchase.

10. How Does PayPal Credit Affect a Customer’s Credit Score?

Good News for Consumers. Other than credit score inquiries, no there information is made available to any of the three credit bureaus. That means neither good nor bad credit behavior is reported to these bureaus. A missed payment won’t hurt your credit score, but this particular credit facility will not be used to help you build your overall credit score. To Consumers: Always read the terms and conditions before you apply for or accept any form of credit. You will be subject to all terms and conditions as stated in the applicable credit agreement.


What makes you eligible for PayPal credit?

There are new PayPal members who often apply for PayPal credit but are not sure if they are eligible or not. To qualify, someone needs to have already been using PayPal, have a Social Security number, and make enough money per year to keep the account alive. Many of these members opt to apply for a credit limit increase. For this PayPal likes to know the card statement, requires having the account used for a period of 6 months, evidently without problems such as bankruptcy or lack of use. You need to be someone responsible enough to take care of your finances as well as financial stability in order to qualify for these types of options. whether you want a bank account or just a PayPal customer, certain requirements are needed.

Is PayPal MasterCard the same as PayPal’s credit?

Generally speaking, Paypal has the valuable benefit of being fast and convenient. Through the use of credit by PayPal, a digital line of credit, customers can make major credit acquisitions anywhere PayPal is accepted once they have connected it to their PayPal account. It is possible to use a PayPal credit to make any order as soon as it is approved, which takes seconds to do. This takes seconds to process. Plus, it allows customers to re-use their existing credit line over and over again with participating retailers, instead of claiming new credit with each use. On the other side, the PayPal MasterCard allows customers to make purchases on credit, but with all the features of a traditional credit card. Moreover, here these customers can earn a 2% cashback on every purchase through its credit card rewards program. In addition, there are no limitations on the type of purchases that earn cashback.

How do you get a bigger PayPal credit limit?

PayPal is well known for being a great platform with a security system to make payments. It is most commonly used for online purchases. Customers can apply for a credit line increase by contacting the company’s customer service by phone on their monthly statement. When a transaction is approved that lets users to exceed their credit limit, it is not processed as a credit limit increase. Anyhow, the issuer of the PayPal credit account is Synchrony Bank. At times, they may increase the credit line of those who wish to do so, even after the transaction has been validated. It is strongly recommended that users keep their account profile up to date and their income information can help PayPal customers qualify for future credit line increases.

How do you find your Paypal credit card number?

This number should not be given to anyone, the secure transfers are crucial and for a long time, it has been sufficient to give the email to receive a transfer or a Paypal cashback MasterCard on this site. Anyway, if you need to find the credit card number and much more information, you can go to the application, get into the profile, and into settings. The last 4 digits of the card are always requested but in any case, this account number is completely safe and hidden from merchants. Be careful who asks for information about your PayPal card, everything is done for security.

What happens if PayPal credit is denied?

Many reasons may exist, from unusual banking movements, lack of activity, invalidities on some cards, and more. PayPal always takes care to do what is best for the community and its customers. It is quite disturbing when this kind of thing happens but it always occurs for security reasons, we have to check if the rules set by this platform are followed. To solve this kind of problem users will need to confirm a lot of data like the bank details and the credit card company. It is easier to relate and associate the current bank account with the PayPal account and see if it will not continue to be denied. If nothing else happens the customer has to ask for information from the PayPal app and let the denied person know what he/she did to get him through it.